Wolfblood 1925 Silent Film Intertitle

An Intertitle “(also known as a title card) is a piece of filmed, printed text edited into the midst of (i.e. inter-) the photographed action at various points, generally to convey character dialogue (“dialogue intertitles”), or descriptive narrative material related to, but not necessarily covered by, the material photographed (“expository intertitles”).

Ever since I was very young I’ve been fascinated and enchanted by Silent Films. The creative use of intertitles in film to advance a story or even to enhance the atmosphere and mood was not a limitation, but a fantastic cinematic device of the time, combining beautifully the printed word and moving image.

Comic books in this way as well, were (and still are) very near and dear to my heart, in storytelling with images and the printed word. In this manner one could say a blog makes use of an intertitle type format, using interspersed text and images to advance a story of sorts.

Intertitles exists to share my love of the time period when silents reigned supreme, silent film, as well as cinema and documentaries in general. Find me elsewhere on Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest.


Intertitles Blogger Bio


Originally from Ottawa, Jamie heard the call of London, packed her bags and moved to the UK at age 18 where she lived for over a decade. Studying European Theatre in London and VŠMU in Bratislava, Slovakia where she specialized in multimedia in performance.

After graduation Jamie landed a dream job at the “Haus of Maus” as an Online Assistant Producer for Disney UK, where she spent her days entrenched in the vibrant world of animation, and her nights creating immersive theatre as a founding member of the Lab Theatre Collective. With the Lab she acted, designed, and devised with the group – notably for their multi – disciplinary production based on the life of Silent Film Star and 20’s “It” girl Clara Bow.

Returning to Canada several years ago, she currently resides in Northern Ontario with her boyfriend and their two cats – Jasper & Zola, and can often be found “deep in the fastness of the great Canadian forests”.

Magic cinematic moments for Jamie include but not limited to: attending an intimate screening of the Vampyr with Steven Severin performing his film score live, seeing the incredible Jim Henson’s Fantastic World exhibition, and especially visiting Clara Bow’s old house, star on the walk of fame and grave in LA.

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