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Lady Gaga & Her Disco Stick

Lees Palace in Scott Pilgrim vs the World

I found myself doing extra work in Scott Pilgrim one summer in Toronto (I find it bemusing that of the films I’ve been in, the major ones have both been directed by Edgar Wright). I was background in the Clash at Demonhead scene, paid to be a Hipster at a concert. It was a fantastic experience, and very surreal  to be in an identical miniaturized film set version of Lee’s Palace, especially when only a few nights prior I’d been at the real venue for a show.

Lees Palace in Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Chris Murphy was on set too, and as always ever lovely and charming (cue my 1994 era Sloan fangirl self!)

The whole experience was strange and familiar what with the replica set of Lee’s and then winding up sitting next to a friend I hadn’t seen in 14 years (the last time I saw him had been when we were teenagers stuck in suburbia).

But the oddest thing to occur happened after wrapping one night.

As we left the set, which was a large warehouse in the middle of nowhere, a gentleman who might best be described as a “hobo” rode by on a bicycle. This in and of itself wasn’t very odd. Given though that we were in an industrial area late at night it was out of the norm.

However, what followed this odd apparition next trumped the solo-hobo-in-the-night action completely.

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Mods on Scooters - Image from Museum of London

Mods & Rockers Invade Brighton Beach
I was first introduced to the Mods & the Rockers at age 14. I was taking part in a programme at Carleton University that aimed to give High School students a taste of undergraduate education. With permission from your High School, you were able to apply and select a course from any number of interesting academics on offer.
Mods & Rockers on Brighton Beach
20th Century Youth Subcultures” seemed to leap off the page at me. It was a fascinating two weeks glancing over the origins of western youth subcultures from music and style, to representation in popular film and culture. Excellently taught by the Professor who’s name eludes me now, the course was responsible for introducing me to a variety of musical genres and subcultures, specifically that of the Mods.

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Weekend Wanderings - Whitefish Island

Ice Ridden Soo Locks
Chunks of ice in the locks, the final remnants of a terribly long winter. What a year for us to move to Northern Ontario. Still though, no regrets whatsoever. I’ve been dying to get out and properly explore, and this past weekend we were finally able to in between scattered light rain showers.

We didn’t venture too far, but went trekking around the Batchewana First Nation Whitefish Island Reserve which is slowly coming to life again now that Spring is finally here.Beaver Damsj-whitefish-island Read More »

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Bill Hicks quote - It's just a ride and we can change it any time we want.

It’s Just A Ride

Bill Hicks Ride Quote

I love this quote from Bill Hicks and come back to it often, it’s a comforting reminder when life can feel like it’s getting the better of you at times.

Sometimes getting where you’d want to be can be a slow build, and often the route you take is not the most direct.

This has really been the case for me these past few years. At times I’ve felt frustrated and that I’ve been bouncing around with no real direction or concrete strategy in place to get where I wanted to be.

When I was younger, I had everything clearly mapped out (or so I thought), and like some invisible list was ticking things off as I went along. Move to Europe. Check. Attend Theatre School. Check. Create a Theatre Company with my friends. Check.

Check. Check. Check. Checccc….Whoaa…aaahhhh….ARGH.NO![CRASH@#$!%^!&]

That’s the internal sound of the rug being pulled out from under you.

And just like that life goes topsy turvy, upside down and your best laid plans are scattered all over the place.

No amount of planning can ever really prepare you. And that’s just part of the journey.

It’s taken awhile for me to get off that dirt road so to speak, and back onto a smoother path.

The hardest thing I found was to stop fighting against change and things I couldn’t control. When I finally acknowledged this and worked with or around challenges presented instead of against them, it became a lot easier to manage and navigate a new route.

Most importantly, I tried new things and took some chances.

When you’re attempting to get out of a situation and not sure where to start, sometimes just the simple act of something new will help guide you. It may not work out as you intend, but putting yourself out there and being open to possibilities really does have an incredible effect.

And it won’t necessarily be overnight. It’s taken a year and a bit for myself to really start to see change, but a few small acts got the ball rolling and here I am now, about to head off to a new locale for further adventures.

So if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or directionless, just keep going and try something new – it could be something as small as taking a knitting class, or learning how to code a website. Whatever it is, new opportunities will present themselves if you’re really open and ready for them.

And remember, to quote the brilliant Bill Hicks“Don’t worry, don’t be afraid ever because this is just a ride.”

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1980's Kids

Proof that once upon a time I was taller than my little-giant Brother. It’s 11am in Australia, so it’s officially my brother’s birthday now. I really miss him, but adventures in the land down under are to be had, and this also means I totally have a couch to crash on in the Southern Hemisphere now too.

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Sloan Twice Removed

Chris Murphy reading fFiction in Ottawa, 1995Chris Murphy & Friends reading fFiction in Ottawa, 1995

While packing for a Summer away I inevitably got distracted. At first it was geeking out on Bloglovin’ (no Google Reader, no!), but then when boxes of half forgotten treasures were cracked open and aired for the first time in years after being in storage, all was lost for any packing efforts. What I rediscovered  in those boxes was a trove of cassettes, gig tees, mixed tapes, old photographs and zines.

Furnacefest in Ottawa, 1994Furnacefest, Ottawa, Canada. July 2nd, 1994

It’s been almost 20 years since I went to my first concert – a festival in a parking lot in Ottawa called “Furnacefest” (not to be confused with the one held in Alabama in the 00′s). Created by Ottawa band Furnace Face with the intent to showcase local and national bands while getting the chance to headline their own festival, it was a pretty fantastic first concert experience.

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