Coffee and Cigarettes

Friday Film Pick – Coffee and Cigarettes

I’ve been on a bit of a Jim Jarmusch kick as of late after finally seeingOnly Lovers Left Alive. A friend recently reminded me of Jarmusch’s excellentCoffee and Cigarettes, and it’s as fantastic to watch years later as the first time around, easily making it my Friday film pick for this week.

Iggy Pop & Tom Waits Having Coffee

Shot in black and white, the film is a series of vignettes of people drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and talking, woven together in such a way only Jarmusch is capable of.

Tom Waits in Coffee and Cigarettes
Friday Film Pick - Coffee and Cigarettes

‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ features an eclectic cast with the likes of Tom Waits, Steve Coogan, Cate Blanchett, and Steve Buscemi popping up in these visual striking, often comic and surreal conversational segments.

Cate Blanchett in Coffee and Cigarettes
Wu Tang Clan Having Tea with Bill Murray
Steve Coogan in Coffee and Cigarettes
The White Stripes in Coffee and Cigarettes
Iggy Pop in Coffee and Cigarettes

It’s a great film to unwind to with a cup of coffee in hand of course. The scene with Iggy Pop and Tom Waits alone absolutely cracks me up every time.

Coffee and Cigarettes
Coffee and Cigarettes Poster

And if you happen to be in Toronto July 24th to August 16th you can catch Strange Paradise: The Cinema of Jim Jarmusch retrospective on at TIFF with Coffee and Cigarettes being screened August 1st.

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