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Mixtape – On Scottish Shores

October 7, 2012 - Leave a Comment

Scottish Shores from intertitles on 8tracks Radio.

Today my little (big) brother departs for Scotland. I’m rather envious of his trip, and wish I could be going with him.

I made a mix on 8 Tracks to see him on his way, full of music by Scottish artists I thought he might like. In keeping to his tastes, the majority of the mix is punk & post punk with some indie/alternative thrown in for good measure, with of course a few obligatory Beta Band tracks. (Side note: when I worked in a record shop years ago we used to act out High Fidelity and would periodically put on “Dry the Rain” to see how many copies of The Three E.P’s we could sell).

So while putting Craig’s mix together, I came across an Edinburgh Punk band called The Freeze. I was pretty excited to find out that they actually have a song inspired by silent film star Louise Brooks called “Celebration”, and the artwork on the 7” uses an image of Louise Brooks too. A random find, and a really good song too, it’s great to see these little connections between interests.

The Freeze Celebration Cross OverImages from Discogs.

And have I mentioned how much I love 8 Tracks yet? As someone who would obsessively create mixes when I was younger (on cassette tapes no less – I’m showing my age here) so happy to find a digital space in which to create online mix tapes. And to further music geek out – the 8 Tracks iPhone app is pretty keen too, just wish you were able to save a mix so I could continue listening when stuck on the subway.