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The Clothes, the angst!

Rayanne Graff - My So Called Life

I remember in junior high being confronted one day in the washroom by some of the girls I went to school with.

The issue – I had to choose my tribe.

My crime you see, was one of the most heinous for these girls, and that was one of fashion.

The crux of the matter really came down to this – one day I showed up to class a mini version of Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes – I loved TLC, Left Eye was the coolest!

TLC in the early 1990's

The next day it was all Doc Martens & plaid – a Smells Like Teen Spirit poster child if ever there was one.

Grunge Black Docs

My choice of clothes bothered these girls so much, that they cornered me in the bathroom to tell me I HAD to choose, that I couldn’t be both hip hop AND grunge.

My So Called Life Washroom Scene

What happened next still kind of surprises me, but I got angry, really angry.

Rayanne Graff putting lipstick on

Maybe it was the final straw after months of just taking their bullying or maybe because what they were saying to me was such utter b.s that I couldn’t help but blow up.

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Covet - All Saints

All Saints 100 Hour Sale

There aren’t many clothing retailers where a sale really gets my attention, All Saints however, without fail will.

Receiving a 100 Hour Sale email and finding that the Bonny Cuban Boots I’ve been lusting after for some time now (yes, that’s right boot-lust) are on sale and I can afford them is a great way to start the day – hey it’s the little things right?

Here’s what I’m currently coveting from the 100 Hour Sale:

All Saints Clothing

1. Liana Dress / 2. Method Tank / 3. Bonny Cuban Boot / 4. Meru Biker Jacket / 5.Lirienne Sweater / 6. Elder Dress.

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Black Is Such A Happy Colour

LBDD Review

28 Days in the Same Dress

February has finished, and with it the challenge to wear the same little black dress everyday for the whole month.

My friend Diana and I decided to try and undertake a LBDD experiment after our friend Micol initiated the challenge for herself in January.

Diana’s recap of her LBDD experience can be found here: 28 Days Later (D’oh! She beat me to the clever title). And the catalyst for us – Micol’s original recap of her LBDD experiment.

I didn’t take photos every day, and wound up not wearing the dress twice. Once because I spilt a massive cup of coffee on myself (usually I manage to do this on pristine white bed sheets as Diana has been witness to in the past), and the other time I underestimated how long it would take to hang dry. What with the recent weather, I really didn’t fancy being a Jamie-sicle in a wet dress out in sub zero temperatures.

Overall, the dress held up well. It did however get a small hole in it, but given the fact I didn’t change my normal laundry routine and it was washed frequently in a machine and tumble dryer, it survived pretty decently.

What Did I Learn?

  • If I were to do it again, I would choose a dress that was slightly longer and made from a thicker cotton. The dress wasn’t super short, but given the Canadian winter and that it was made from a lightweight cotton, I had to do a lot of layering so as not to freeze.
  • The challenge really showed me just how much excess I still have in my wardrobe and how much clothing I’m really not wearing on a regular basis.
  • As Diana noted and I whole heartedly agree with, the disposable clothing I have (ie. cheap leggings/tights) from fast fashion giants really didn’t wear well after awhile. I wound up throwing out several pairs of leggings and tights that just fell apart. My Black Milk Leggings? Wow, I already was a BM Fangirl, but even more so now. They held up well, and looked and felt  great.
  • I am not a fan of my legs. Now don’t worry I’m not about to jump onto the self loathing train! Most people have some part of them they would love to change, I’m no different. BUT, a month of wearing a relatively short dress with my large calves on display surprisingly did a lot of good. Maybe it’s the fact that Black Milk Leggings really do make your legs look awesome, or that I was confronted with my made for “Northern Rugby” legs daily that I quickly got over any self consciousness or dislike.
  • I’m pretty ‘meh’ about a lot of my clothes. I used to put a lot of effort and energy into how I dressed when I was going to theatre school but since making the leap to working in an office I’ve found it challenging to find a middle ground between my personal and professional style. So what I have in my wardrobe can be rather impractical for day to day, or too bland for my after hours self. The LBDD experiment has come at just the right time as I was already beginning to undergo a personal style evolution/redefinition.

Like Diana, I too want to get more involved now in the creation of my own clothing – be it creating from scratch, modifying items to suit my style better or just generally being more thoughtful in my purchases in future.

Will I wear the dress again? Sure, but I need to patch that hole first!

Overall this has been a really insightful experiment. It’s shown me how little I need to get by, and that I would rather have fewer clothes but of a higher quality than a closet bursting with, well, throw away fashion.

Up next? The great closet purge of 2013 commences now!

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Black Is Such A Happy Colour

Covet – LBDD Edition

LBDD Inspired Covet

My LBDD challenge for February is now over and it was an interesting 28 days in the same dress. I discovered during the past month just how important it is to have classic staple pieces in your wardrobe, which I’m actually sorely lacking. I have a lot of one off statement pieces to be worn alone, and unsurprisingly these don’t see much of a rotation through my closet.

The challenge now will be to really pare back my wardrobe even further and start properly investing in clothing which will last and can be remixed easily.

Here are a few items I would have loved to have worn this past month with my LBDD. A few are priced higher than what I’m used to paying for in the past but I think in the long run you really get what you pay for – especially if it’s from a small business and craftsperson. You’re much better saving up for something you truly love then spending money on a bunch of clothes you’re kind of ‘meh’ about, that also have dubious origins.

LBDD Essentials

First Row

1. Miche Dulche Tulip Hat £195.00 from Shop 172
2. Galaxy Flex Cardigan $205.00 from All Saints
3. Elastic Harness from Norwegian Wood $49.00 USD

Second Row

4. Mechanical Leggings $75.00 AUD from Black Milk
5. Large Planchette Oracle Necklace from Blood Milk $200.00 USD
6. Long Orkney Angora Leg Warmers from Sock Dreams $60.00 USD

Third Row

7. Rune Rings $320.00 from Ovate
8. Pitch Leather Biker Jacket from All Saints $668.00 USD
9. Truths Genevieve Boots $419.00 from Fluevog

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Black Is Such A Happy Colour

LBDD - One Week In

It’s been a week since I started my LBDD challenge.

What have the reactions been like so far? Well frankly, given the amount of black that normally rotates through my wardrobe on a regular basis, no one’s really noticed and if they have they’re too polite to comment.

I’ll admit the third day in I was a right grumpkin about it, but after getting over the initial hump for the most part I’ve found the challenge pretty liberating.

Sometimes you’re most free and creative when working within confines. What do I mean? Well, I’ll relate this back to theatre to explain (you know I always love doing that). If I was to devise a show from scratch, I might not know where to start. Being able to do anything can actually impede you sometimes, as you can get totally overwhelmed by the complete, utter freedom to do whatever.

Given a loose framework or base stimulus to start from helps give structure and a guide to work within.

The LBDD challenge is just that. I have to wear the same black dress everyday. That’s the one stipulation. What else I wear with it, is totally and entirely up to me. I have a starting point, a constant and from there I build, much like how I would start to create a theatre show.

Omg. Jegging Tights.

One thing I’ve noticed is just how much I wear jeans these days, particularly Skinny Jeans or Jeggings. But never these kind of Jeggings (see said photo to the left.)

It’s not a jean, it’s not a legging. It’s – Jeggings! Oh the horror!

Yes, well, comedic interlude aside. I really miss my jeans. Especially since the weather in Toronto is being properly Canadian right now, what with 25cm of snow due to hit tonight. Viva layering is all I can say.

I’m also trying to limit how much I wear my Black Milk Leggings with the dress as I could easily get away with wearing Black Milk everyday of the week (and I’m sure some girls do judging by the Sharkie fandom for BM).

Additionally I’ve noticed that I don’t actually have that many pairs of wearable shoes these days compared to what can best be described as an “over abundance” of shoes only a few years ago.

The couple of pairs that I do have, are looking a bit worse for wear and falling apart. This is the one thing that the “work fashionistas” seem to have clocked. I was given the up-down-once-around look the other day, and caught them alighting on my busted Doc Marten’s.

And that’s all from the LBDD Files for this week. Friday evening will be interesting as I have a more fancy night out event to go to, so we’ll see how well I can pull off the dress then!

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