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Doom Moon

Through the Smoke & Ash from intertitles on 8tracks Radio. Photo Credits: Forest & Kim

Recently I’ve found myself listening to a lot of psychedelic rock, and music that also falls under the stoner/doom/sludge metal umbrella.

I haven’t forsaken my Post-Punk roots, (all hail Siouxsie etc.) but I am thoroughly enjoying what for me is a completely new music experience. I think Jeff’s finding it quite amusing, after my years of shrugging off metal, and has taken to leaving music in my iTunes he stumbles across that has a similar sound to what I’ve been playing around the house. Little musical Easter Eggs all my own.

So here’s a wee mixtape of what’s currently on heavy rotation for me, enjoy!

Neil Young in the Last Waltz

The Last Waltz Film Poster

“This film should be played loud!”

The Last Waltz in my household is a Thanksgiving tradition. Though the actual performance took place during the American Thanksgiving in November, we still watch it every year on the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend.

The Band

If you like music, and you like docs AND you’re a Scorsese fan, well then you’re in for a treat. Directed by Martin Scorsese The Last Waltz documents the Band’s final concert at the Winterland in San Francisco, after 16 years on the road together.

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Billy Butcher Posters


It’s Friday night and what am I up to?

While my mates are currently delighting in the musical stylings of Danzig in Toronto, I’m in my pjs with my cat watching Justice League on Netflix after a day of squinting at code and numerous coffees.

Rock n’ Roll baby, rock annnnnnnnd roll.

Watching Justice League has me thinking about this years Comic Con in San Diego (missed it again),  and upcoming Fan Expo in Toronto.

And, of course these fantastic comic book covers starring your favourite Post-Punk/New Wave artists as classic DC  superheroes!

I really love these, they’re executed so well by the incredibly talented Butcher Billy. He has a store on Society6 - The Devil Wears Butcher and Red Bubble where you can purchase prints, tshirts and more of his work. (I know I’ll be placing a large order in the not so distant future!)

Here are a few of my favourites:

Joy Division Ian Curtis as Batman

Wonder Woman Siouxsie Sioux

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The Damned concert shot

All Time Top 5 Concerts


What makes an amazing concert?

For me, it’s a number of factors combined – but *always* the music first and foremost.

The right band or artist can be transformative. They can take any space and crowd and make it their own.

Incredible music mixed with a great venue, the perfect company, and a certain je ne sais quoi, and you have absolute magic.

I love list making! And in the High Fidelity tradition of Top 5′s, here’s my list of all time Top 5 Concerts I’ve gone to:

Top 5 Concerts

  1. Grinderman @ the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, ON, CANADA 11/11/2010
  2. Jarvis Cocker @ the Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA  7/28/2009.
  3. Adam Ant @ O2 Indigo, London, UK 5/26/2011
  4. Smashing Pumpkins @ the Corel Centre, Ottawa, ON, CANADA 10/13/1996
  5. Siouxsie and the Banshees @ Nation, Washington, DC, USA 04/17/2002


Grinderman in ConcertPhoto Courtesy: Exit Festival

Grinderman – First time seeing Nick Cave and company other then randomly on a train to Brighton (Hove, actually). The Phoenix is also one of my favourite venues in Toronto. The atmosphere was electric. And it was the night I finally clued into the fact that my best friend was a lot more than that. We have a framed photo of Nick Cave from that show in our apartment now.

Jarvis Cocker at the Fillmore in San FranciscoPhoto Courtesy: Pneyu

Jarvis Cocker – Never had the chance to see Pulp in their heyday and I love Cocker’s solo work. It was my last night in San Francisco. I had spent the day wandering the city on my own as my friend Diana had left for the east coast a day earlier. I went to the show solo, and had an incredible time. My heart melted when Jarvis Cocker played Black Magic. I took a Fillmore apple on the way out as advised to do so by my friend Patrick.

Adam Ant at the London Indigo O2

Adam Ant – The O2 Indigo was a surprisingly intimate venue and we got rather close to the stage so I could see everything! Emma and I have matching Adam Ant Jolly Roger tattoos and it was sheer luck I happened to be in the UK when Adam Ant was playing. We even met the incredibly talented and lovely Mich Dulce who designs Adam’s hats on the tube ride home after the gig!

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