The Blogcademy – A Whirlwind Weekend of Awesome.

The Blogcademy – A Whirlwind Weekend of Awesome.

Blogcademy October 2012 ClassAt the Blogcademy Workshop, New York City, USA.

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind weekend in NYC where I attended the first ever Blogcademy – a Blogging workshop guaranteed to sharpen your skills and up your game.

The Blogcademy, is the brainchild of three very talented, self made women: Shauna Haider, Gala Darling and Kat Williams. With additional segments over the weekend taught by Paige of BlogAds and Lisa Devlin, Photographer extraordinaire, it was a quite jam packed two days to say the least.

With only 30 spots available on the course, I’m really glad that Andrea pushed me to go, knowing how much I wanted to. Only two weekends prior my boyfriend and I had to cancel our annual Thanksgiving trip to NYC because of illness. I was pretty gutted about that, and also feeling really guilty I’d be swanning off to The Blogcademy only a few weeks later, and he’d be stuck on Kitty-watching-duty. The weekend though made up for the loss of our getaway, and this was clear when I came home to him beaming (and it didn’t hurt that I brought him back some Duty Free Gin either!)

The Blogcademy HeadmistressesKat Williams, Shauna Haider and Gala Darling leading workshops at the Blogcademy.

The workshops were insightful and practical, taught with refreshing openness and candour from the Headmistresses, who fielded a variety of questions on Blog related subjects in addition to the set curriculum.

It was particularly energizing to take part in a course run by strong, successful young women (and with such rocking styles and personalities to boot!) Regardless of the celebrity they each have in their respective fields, the Headmistresses were very approachable, down to earth and genuine in wanting to disseminate and share their Blogging knowledge which was plentiful!

So what next?

There was a lot to takeaway from this weekend (besides the smashing swag bags from the Sponsors – a huge thanks!), and I’m still in the midst of processing all the information from the class and beginning to apply this new knowledge.

Blogcademy Swag BagsBlogcadmy Booty Ahoy! Brilliant Goodies from Crown &  Glory (oh my god where have you been all my life?), Twinkie Chan, Alphabet Bags, Molly Crabapple, Lisa Devlin, Miss Anastasia, Dirty Girl Gardening, and Sugar Pill (just to name a few!)

Most importantly, this past weekend has really uplifted and reinvigorated me. I’m feeling more grounded, with a fantastic base and structure to begin to develop further. The enthusiasm and excitement shared by all the women in the class, as well as that of Shauna, Gala and Kat was very infectious and a sorely needed breathe of fresh air.

I hope to continue to carry that sense and feeling with me in this Blogging endeavour, and in all my other creative projects I’m currently working on, and in future.

SO – Focus. Discipline. and Determination!

Thank you Blogcademy for a most excellent weekend!

Blogger FaceSilliness Ensues with the Best #BloggerFace Contest. Check out the winning photo of the ever lovely Natanya.

For more about this past weekend, do take a peek at these posts from the Headmistresses and some of the other attendees. AND! If you’re sad to have missed it, fear not! With any luck there will be “Further Adventures in Blogging” with the Blogcademy, so head over and be heard as to where you’d like the next one to take place!