Lady Gaga & Her Disco Stick

Lees Palace in Scott Pilgrim vs the World

I found myself doing extra work in Scott Pilgrim one summer in Toronto (I find it bemusing that of the films I’ve been in, the major ones have both been directed by Edgar Wright). I was background in the Clash at Demonhead scene, paid to be a Hipster at a concert. It was a fantastic experience, and very surreal  to be in an identical miniaturized film set version of Lee’s Palace, especially when only a few nights prior I’d been at the real venue for a show.

Lees Palace in Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Chris Murphy was on set too, and as always ever lovely and charming (cue my 1994 era Sloan fangirl self!)

The whole experience was strange and familiar what with the replica set of Lee’s and then winding up sitting next to a friend I hadn’t seen in 14 years (the last time I saw him had been when we were teenagers stuck in suburbia).

But the oddest thing to occur happened after wrapping one night.

As we left the set, which was a large warehouse in the middle of nowhere, a gentleman who might best be described as a “hobo” rode by on a bicycle. This in and of itself wasn’t very odd. Given though that we were in an industrial area late at night it was out of the norm.

However, what followed this odd apparition next trumped the solo-hobo-in-the-night action completely.

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Tod Browning

Tod Browning by Basil Gogos

Today marks the birthday of actor, screenwriter and director Tod Browning.

We have Browning to thank for the classic and the most well known version of Dracula starring Bela Lugosi, as well as cult favourite and deeply disturbing Freaks (I still can’t shake scenes from that film years later, and the memory of it gives me shivers yet!)

Bela Lugosi as Dracula by Basil Gogos

Browning’s early life is fascinating. Particularly how as a teenager he ran away from home to become a performer – traveling and working a variety of jobs in circuses, sideshows and carnivals. The biography Dark Carnival: The Secret World of Tod Browning is an interesting insight into the life of the man whose films are so well known in the horror genre.

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Coffee and Cigarettes

I’ve been on a bit of a Jim Jarmusch kick as of late after finally seeingOnly Lovers Left Alive. A friend recently reminded me of Jarmusch’s excellentCoffee and Cigarettes, and it’s as fantastic to watch years later as the first time around.

Iggy Pop & Tom Waits Having Coffee

Shot in black and white, the film is a series of vignettes of people drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and talking, woven together in such a way only Jarmusch is capable of.

Tom Waits in Coffee and Cigarettes
Scenes from Coffee and Cigarettes

‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ features an eclectic cast with the likes of Tom Waits, Steve Coogan, Cate Blanchett, and Steve Buscemi popping up in these visual striking, often comic and surreal conversational segments.

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Wonder Woman

Love Potion #15

Wonder Woman Hates Everyone
Comic by the fantastic Kate Beaton – Hark! A Vagrant.

The Superhero whose power is knitting? Heck yes! Now I just need to finish knitting those socks, one down, one to go…

Further superhero/knitting awesomeness on Ravelry with this Wonder Woman sweater pattern by Natalie Bursztyn. She also has a sweet CBC sweater pattern too!

IDW is releasing the original Wonder Woman newspaper strips! The book will contain the entire series in 196 pages and hardback. Beauty.

Tim Burton’s Batman is 25 years old this Summer. Ya, 25. This just in, you’re old.

A look at Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay SUPREME: BLUE ROSE—A science fiction mystery take on the classic superhero from Image Comics.

Alan Moore launches open-source comics app Electricomics.

Excellent piece by Alyssa Rosenberg – “She-Hulk is a feminist hero, not a male fantasy“.

A follow up to the above article and further proof that Stan Lee is awesome – Stan Lee, responds to inflammatory comments writer David Goyer recently made about She-Hulk.

Love reading through the entries on We Are Comics - a Tumblr dedicated to showing just how diverse the comics landscape is from readers to writers and industry people alike.

Cute way to blog about staff picks at Silver Snail and further hits home I really need to read Saga!

This years guest line up for Fan Expo is looking pretty spectacular.

And this is so awesome – Women of Comic Book Cosplay and Men of Comic Book Cosplay.

Since Jason introduced me to the work of Kate Leth (check out our interview with her on Tattoo Hero!) I’ve been totally obsessed (not in a creepy, weird way I promise) with her Tumblr and excellent Kate Or Die! comics.

And P.S. Wonder Woman’s feminism matters. So why would the comic industry reject it?

Wonder Woman Comic

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View of the 1941 Vermont State Fair

Life In Colour


Fascinating colour photos of the 1941 Vermont State Fair. These are part of a series of images shot by photographers working for the United States Farm Security Administration (FSA) and later the Office of War Information (OWI), capturing in colour life in the United Statues between 1939 and 1944.

Further digitalized colour photos from the 1930′s to 1940′s can be found through The Library of Congress collections.

It’s an interesting glimpse of life from a time period not commonly photographed in colour. I’m particularly drawn to the photographs of the side show performers from this set.






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Julep Maven

Living far from a large city is both simultaneously awesome and not so awesome. Falling under the not so awesome category is the lack of shopping. It’s funny the things you take for granted living in a city, the convenience factor of life and ease of having everything at your finger tips.

I used to kill time if I was waiting for Jeff to get off work in the evening wandering around a nearby Sephora. While my wanderings now are infinitely more beautiful than a mall, I do miss browsing through massive cosmetics aisles and playing around with new makeup products.

So with the closet Sephora being a 5 hour drive away I decided to try out some online beauty boxes.

First up – Julep Maven.

Julep Maven Intro Box

For the uninitiated, Julep Maven boxes are a monthly subscription service which features over $40 worth of limited-run nail polishes and beauty products. Boxes cost $24.99 USD a month, or $19.99 USD a month with a three-month prepaid subscription. Each monthly box is completely customizable too. And if a monthly box isn’t enough as a Maven you also get 20% off other Julep products and free shipping – including to Canada, huzzah!

So after taking an initial quiz to determine your style profile you’re presented with your introductory box. Apparently I’m “Boho Glam“, though I opted for another box since I preferred the polish colours better. (Ya total sucker for sparkles here, never doubt my commitment to Sparkle-Motion.)

Jane Nail Polish from Julep

In no time my box had arrived and I was happily painting more of my finger than nail with sparkly colours.

Julep Maven Bombshell Intro Box

My Bombshell introductory box contained:

Julep Maven Bombshell Nail Polishes

Overall, I’m impressed with Julep. The polishes are vibrant and long lasting, easy to apply, great design for the bottle and pretty cute branding/packaging.

I’m pretty crap when it comes to my nails in general – they’re super short, I’m messy applying polish (see above re: painting more of my finger), and find it hard to ever grow them. So the Freedom Polymer Top Coat in particular was super awesome to use as it really did smooth out and help improve my polish application, though was a bit harder to get off using non-acetone remover.

Julep Bombshell Intro Nail Polishes

If you fancy checking out Julep for yourself, feel free to use my affiliate link to get your first box free (and I’ll also receive further Julep goodness to help my hobbit hands not look so…uhm…hobbit like or something. Yes.)

Sign up to Julep Maven & use coupon code FREEBOX to get your first box free.

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