Abra Kadavar LP

Abra Kadavar Album Cover

Some days you feel like growing your hair and an epic beard, nicking your Dad’s suede fringe jacket from the 60′s, wandering around some dry lake beds aimlessly before grabbing a beer, then hi-tailing it through the desert with your sweet, sweet beard blowing in the wind.

Hell, I know I wish I could do that right now.

Well if you’re like me and it takes you a bit (ok forever) to grow said wicked cool beard, then at least there’s Kadavar to keep you going.

German Psychedelic Stoner Rock.

Yes, for reals. Thursday Tunes care of “Abra Kadavar” by Kadavar.

Kadavar Swinging

Come for the beards, stay for the swings! Seriously loving these guys.

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Skull Tattoos

This June I was back in Toronto to check out NIX – the Northern Ink Xposure and get tattooed by the fantastic Hilary Jane Petersen. Despite over the years attending numerous tattoo conventions around the globe, it was the first time I actually had any work done at a show.

Moon phase Neo Trad Tattoo

It was an interesting experience to get tattooed in the middle of a bustling convention with non stop people passing by.

Overall it was a pretty calming experience despite how busy it was, and I found it gave me some time to think as Hilary quietly sang while she worked on my piece.

I’ve been getting tattooed now for the past 14 years, and will likely be getting tattooed 14 years from now too. That’s not to say I haven’t made some tattoo mistakes along the way!

In hindsight these are 5 tattoo mistakes I wouldn’t repeat, and definitely 5 tattoo mistakes you won’t want to make in the first place!

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Bloody Mary Metal Logo

Lucy of Bloody Mary Metal fame has recently launched her new Luna Tribe line, and with it some absolutely breathtaking underwater photos shot by the talented Catherine Laura.

Luna Tribe Underwater

The photo set evokes a ‘Lady of the Lake’ Arthurian legend feel for me, and whether the intent, the shoot is quite simply stunning. If like me you love haunting and ethereal photography you’ll adore Catherine Laura’s other underwater shoots too.

BMM describes the Luna Tribe collection as having:

“inspiration steeped in both Cornish history, tarot and the treasures sought by the pirates of the Cornish coast, Luna Tribe is a more mature, intense and striking collection, perhaps the pinnacle of Bloody Mary Metal so far…”

Lucy’s hugely talented (full disclosure  we went to theatre school together so I saw this first hand), and I think this is easily my favourite of her collections yet – I’m a sucker for tarot and pirates what can I say?

Luna Tribe Favourites

My picks from Luna Tribe – 1. Ace of Pentacles Necklace, 2. Drusy Crown Ring in Moonlight, 3. Ace of Cups Necklace

So if you’re looking for well crafted, unique jewelry and  like to support independent artisans and craftspeople be sure to check out all that Bloody Mary Metal has to offer.

Head to BMM for more of the gorgeous Luna Tribe underwater shoot.

IMAGE CREDITS: Catherine Laura &  Bloody Mary Metal.

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Lady Gaga & Her Disco Stick

Lees Palace in Scott Pilgrim vs the World

I found myself doing extra work in Scott Pilgrim one summer in Toronto (I find it bemusing that of the films I’ve been in, the major ones have both been directed by Edgar Wright). I was background in the Clash at Demonhead scene, paid to be a Hipster at a concert. It was a fantastic experience, and very surreal  to be in an identical miniaturized film set version of Lee’s Palace, especially when only a few nights prior I’d been at the real venue for a show.

Lees Palace in Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Chris Murphy was on set too, and as always ever lovely and charming (cue my 1994 era Sloan fangirl self!)

The whole experience was strange and familiar what with the replica set of Lee’s and then winding up sitting next to a friend I hadn’t seen in 14 years (the last time I saw him had been when we were teenagers stuck in suburbia).

But the oddest thing to occur happened after wrapping one night.

As we left the set, which was a large warehouse in the middle of nowhere, a gentleman who might best be described as a “hobo” rode by on a bicycle. This in and of itself wasn’t very odd. Given though that we were in an industrial area late at night it was out of the norm.

However, what followed this odd apparition next trumped the solo-hobo-in-the-night action completely.

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Tod Browning

Tod Browning by Basil Gogos

Today marks the birthday of actor, screenwriter and director Tod Browning.

We have Browning to thank for the classic and the most well known version of Dracula starring Bela Lugosi, as well as cult favourite and deeply disturbing Freaks (I still can’t shake scenes from that film years later, and the memory of it gives me shivers yet!)

Bela Lugosi as Dracula by Basil Gogos

The early life of Tod Browning is fascinating. Particularly how as a teenager he ran away from home to become a performer – traveling and working a variety of jobs in circuses, sideshows and carnivals. The biography Dark Carnival: The Secret World of Tod Browning is an interesting insight into the life of the man whose films are so well known in the horror genre.

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Coffee and Cigarettes

I’ve been on a bit of a Jim Jarmusch kick as of late after finally seeingOnly Lovers Left Alive. A friend recently reminded me of Jarmusch’s excellentCoffee and Cigarettes, and it’s as fantastic to watch years later as the first time around, easily making it my Friday film pick for this week.

Iggy Pop & Tom Waits Having Coffee

Shot in black and white, the film is a series of vignettes of people drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and talking, woven together in such a way only Jarmusch is capable of.

Tom Waits in Coffee and Cigarettes
Friday Film Pick - Coffee and Cigarettes

‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ features an eclectic cast with the likes of Tom Waits, Steve Coogan, Cate Blanchett, and Steve Buscemi popping up in these visual striking, often comic and surreal conversational segments.

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